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Unintentionally toxic conditions are polluting work environments and wreaking havoc on engagement, well-being, and performance. No leader intends to cultivate unhealthy work environments, yet here we are.

In this book, Melissa reveals performance-accelerating tactics and insights on embracing our humanity to become even better leaders of ourselves and other humans.

This is a judgment-free zone. Melissa does not shame you into change or lecture you on impractical leadership strategies.

Instead, she fosters self-discovery through relatable stories, relevant data, and a friendly, non-threatening style. She uncomplicates the complexities of leadership with simple explanations, compassion, and encouragement, cultivating a lighthearted yet actionable experience.

Like therapy, she enables you to tap into your wisdom and coach yourself. Throughout the book, she prompts you to journal your insights, facilitating self-awareness and sparking a desire to evolve. Sometimes, you need a good, honest conversation with yourself and a friend you can trust. Are you craving a chat like this but need somewhere to turn? You're not alone. Truly safe spaces for these discussions are typically non-existent at work, so many leaders struggle in silence instead. Great news! You found your safe space, and it exists within these pages.

This book is intentionally short and sweet, designed for busy leaders like yourself who need practical advice they can understand and apply.

ISBN: 9798218362423

Publisher: Melissa Majors Consulting

Publication Date: April 4, 2024

Language: English

Length: 130 pages