Human-Centered Leadership Accelerator: Coaching With Melissa Majors (Multiple Sessions)

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Do you want all people on your team to thrive? Well, you've come to the right place, my friend. 

I provide leaders with confidential, shame-free guidance in the safety of a one-on-one coaching environment. So, you can relax and lean into this journey without fear of reputational risk or judgment.

After each session, you’ll be equipped with actionable insights you can immediately apply to make a difference on your team. Prepare to boost engagement, performance, non-toxic cultures, and your impact!

Am I the right coach for you? I am if you want to thrive as a leader of yourself and others.

I'm humbled and honored to share that I have over 20 years of experience leading high-performing and thriving teams of people. I've led large and small teams across various industries, all of which achieved double-digit growth. Why? I know how to maximize the potential in others and help them thrive!

Do you want to unlock full team engagement, accelerate performance, maximize engagement, and optimize wellbeing? You've come to the right coach!

As a coach, speaker, and author of Help Them Thrive and  The 7 Simple Habits of Inclusive Leaders, I enable leaders to harness the power of human-centered leadership and thrive! Click here to learn even more about my background and experience.

The Coaching Experience

The 5 Step Coaching Process

1: Build Rapport and Trust

Establishing rapport is vital to any fruitful coaching relationship. We'll do this through more informal conversations and dialogue.

2: Empathize with Your Needs

I'll interview you to uncover your specific needs and then use that insight to recommend a relevant coaching plan and approach. A 360 assessment is included in the step to build self-awareness.

3: Meet, Apply, Reflect, Repeat

You choose the meeting cadence that works best for you. We will meet bi-weekly for three months or monthly for six. We'll discuss competencies identified in the coaching plan, determine how you will apply the new learning, and reflect on your actions.

4: Calibrate

Throughout the coaching process, we will calibrate the effectiveness of the coaching and adjust to maximize the impact of our time together.

5: Sustain Growth

I'll work with you throughout the process to build habits that sustain optimized behaviors and skills.

WARNING: If you’re reluctant to lead an engaged, high-performing, and fulfilled team — I may not be the right coach for you.